Diadora Brings Back Court Style with B.560 and WINNER Sneakers


Italian sportswear brand Diadora is back in the game with two new sneaker releases that pay tribute to its tennis roots from the ’90s. The B.560 and WINNER sneakers are inspired by the brand’s performance shoes from the early ’90s, with clean lines and essential design elements that capture the timeless aesthetic of Diadora Heritage.

The B.560 is a sublimation of the pro tennis shoe from the ’90s, featuring an important and enveloping toe cap that adds a touch of basketball to the design. The WINNER is a retro tennis shoe made of leather and available in classic court colors.

Both sneakers feature original soles and lasts, with the B.560 showcasing a constant play of grafts that creates a shape that is not limited by the idea of passing time. The WINNER’s solid design and perforated toe cap pay homage to the legends of tennis who have become icons both on and off the court.

Diadora is bringing back court style with these two new sneaker releases that will surely be a hit among sneakerheads and sports enthusiasts alike.

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