Photographer Sues Cam’ron and Dipset Couture LLC over Merchandise Featuring His Image

Cam’ron and Dipset Couture LLC have been hit with a lawsuit by photographer Djamilla Rosa Cochran over the use of an image of the rapper wearing a pink fur coat. Cochran claims that the Harlem rapper and his company used the image, which she owns the copyright to, on merchandise without her permission, and seeks damages as well as any profits from merchandise sales. According to XXL, Getty Images had notified the defendants of their infringing activities multiple times, but they continued to sell the merchandise and display the photograph on their website and accounts. The iconic photo was taken during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in 2002 and has become a significant piece of hip-hop culture, with Cam’ron reportedly turning down a $300,000 USD offer to sell the coat.

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