8000Kicks and Nisiseltor Studio to Release Limited Edition Weedo Sneakers Made with CBD

In celebration of the upcoming 4/20 festivities, 8000Kicks and Nisiseltor Studio are set to release a limited-edition sneaker made entirely out of cannabis. Dubbed as the Weedo, this sneaker is made with up to 500 grams of high-quality CBD weed that was broken down into small pieces using an industrial grinder and then stitched onto the shoe’s low-cut upper.

The production process took around 30 hours to complete, and the shoe is limited to only 100 pairs, retailing between 1,000 and 1,500 euros per pair. According to Bernardo Carreira, the CEO at 8000Kicks, this limited-edition shoe is an eccentric product that showcases their commitment to innovation and customer demands. Interested buyers can register to get notified when the 8000Kicks x Nisiseltor Studio Weedo sneaker is available on the 8000kicks.com website.

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