Nike’s .SWOOSH Launches First Virtual Collection with Our Force 1 (OF1)

Nike’s new platform for virtual creations, .SWOOSH, has launched its first digital-creation collection, Our Force 1 (OF1). Co-curated by the .SWOOSH community, the OF1 collection is a tribute to the first 50 years of Nike and the creativity of the Air Force 1. The collection is available in two digital boxes, the Classic Remix box and the New Wave box, each priced at $19.82 USD.

Each box contains an Our Force 1, a digital version of one of the most iconic Air Force 1s, along with co-created AF1s from the four .SWOOSH “Your Force 1” winners. Nike has built multiple entry points to purchase an OF1 box, and all .SWOOSH members will have the opportunity to purchase one.

Upon opening their OF1 box, .SWOOSH members will discover which Our Force One shoe it contains, learn its unique features, and unlock utilities in the coming months for special access to physical products and experiences. .SWOOSH is still in a closed beta, but interested individuals can register to become a member at

.SWOOSH is a four-piece virtual clothing line that can be worn by avatars in virtual gaming worlds. The collection includes a hoodie, a hat, and two pairs of sneakers. It is available for purchase exclusively on the digital fashion marketplace, RARES. The move towards virtual fashion reflects the growing trend of gamers and virtual world enthusiasts investing in virtual assets. The release of .SWOOSH demonstrates Nike’s forward-thinking approach to creating personalized experiences beyond the brick-and-mortar stores, and potentially marks the beginning of a new era of fashion.

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